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Whether you just completed an Ironman or just getting into the training and racing Season, I have a confession – I’ve had AIDS in the past and sometimes have had relapse of the BLAHS. But I’m cured ! Read how… 

Race Report for Cuba

Here’s my race report on my sprint race in Havana Cuba in Feb 18. The article appeared in the April isse of Texas Runner and Triathlete Magazine. The trip was anticipated to be an adventure… and I wasn’t disappointed ! It was an good “race-cation” and I’d highly recommend a trip to Cuba and the race (either the Sprint or 70.3)

Pace and Patience

The mantra for my coaching philosophy to get athletes to train and race smart is “pace and patience”...

Sticking to the Training Plan

The dedication you put into your workouts should reflect the most effective use of limited time. The QUALITY of your workout performance is just, if not more important, than the QUANTITY of the intensity, distance, and frequency of the workouts...

Things in Threes

Ever notice how a lot of things come in threes in sports?

Don't Know or Forgot

Whether it's the off Season or you're just getting fired up, NOW is a good time to highlight some of the other-than-obvious differences in the three sports of triathlon...






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