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Each month I’ll list one or two new articles; if you can’t wait, you can go to “Archived Articles” for what was previously posted or is upcoming.

Comprehensive Training Plan

You better have a written, thought out, realistic “road map” on how you’ll travel to your destination if you want to avoid frustration, setbacks, and disappointments: get a plan.

Getting Ready for 2019

If you’re interested in gaining a huge advantage over next Season’s competitors, making the best use of minimal training time, and recharging your mental and physical capabilities, START NOW.

Sports Psych

As the 2017-18 Season progresses, I hope you’re doing the right things  to strengthen, test, and use one of the most important assets you have in training and racing – your mind...

Pace and Patience

The mantra for my coaching philosophy to get athletes to train and race smart is “pace and patience”...

Sticking to the Training Plan

The dedication you put into your workouts should reflect the most effective use of limited time. The QUALITY of your workout performance is just, if not more important, than the QUANTITY of the intensity, distance, and frequency of the workouts...

Things in Threes

Ever notice how a lot of things come in threes in sports?



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