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Getting Ready for 2018

If you’re interested in gaining a huge advantage over next Season’s competitors, making the best use of minimal training time, and recharging your mental and physical capabilities, START NOW.

4 R's

First of all, I hope that 2017 was a successful year for you – whether it was doing races or just staying fit! What follows is an emphasis on not wasting the experiences you’ve had (and hopefully learned from) and I’ll offer some suggestions on what you can do to get ready for 2018.

Selecting an Ironman Race

As for a "good" first Ironman, there are several variables involved. And hopefully you realize that there are also no "easy" Ironman events..

Comprehensive Training Plan

You better have a written, thought out, realistic “road map” on how you’ll travel to your destination if you want to avoid frustration, setbacks, and disappointments: get a plan.

6 Ps

Let me make a few suggestions as you build, monitor, OR revise your “plan of attack” for the 2018 training and competitive Season. There are a few things that can make your focus and efforts more rewarding and your goals more realistic and attainable. Think about the following…

Refocus at Mid-Season 2018

NOW is the best time to look back at the previous months of 2018 and decide what needs to be “changed” to train and race better in the last portion of the year...

Sports Psych

As the 2017-18 Season progresses, I hope you’re doing the right things  to strengthen, test, and use one of the most important assets you have in training and racing – your mind...

There's No Whining Oct 17

Tom Hanks said something similar in the baseball movie “ A League of  Their Own” when one of the players began crying. The statement is applicable to triathlons also (or it should be) from the perspective of an athlete AND a coach...

Not the Stop Season

Whether it's the off Season or you're just getting fired up…

IM Synopsis

Which IM is my favorite? Each of them is special for the general memories and their own peculiarities.

Five Stages of Injury

There are only two kinds of athletes: those that have been and those that will be injured. You will probably be injured for one of any number of reasons during training or racing.

Coach's Corner: Past Experience, Preparation & Attitude

Itís March 23rd 2001 and Iím sitting here in a hotel room in Birmingham Alabama two days before Powerman Alabama and Ií ve just decided the topic for another article.


Knowledge, performance, and experience are the foundation for progress and excellence.