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Don't Know or Forgot

Whether it's the off Season or you're just getting fired up, NOW is a good time to highlight some of the other-than-obvious differences in the three sports of triathlon...

Not the Stop Season

Whether it's the off Season or you're just getting fired up…


As the 2005 season progresses, I have a confession to make to everyone I know -- I’ve had recurring AIDS and sometimes have had relapses of the BLAHS in the past.

IM Synopsis

Which IM is my favorite? Each of them is special for the general memories and their own peculiarities.

Things in Threes

Ever notice how a lot of things come in threes in sports?

Five Stages of Injury

There are only two kinds of athletes: those that have been and those that will be injured. You will probably be injured for one of any number of reasons during training or racing.

Coach's Corner: Past Experience, Preparation & Attitude

Itís March 23rd 2001 and Iím sitting here in a hotel room in Birmingham Alabama two days before Powerman Alabama and Ií ve just decided the topic for another article.


Knowledge, performance, and experience are the foundation for progress and excellence.