"The Mental Preparation of 70.3 and Ironman Racing" The rigors of "long course" training and racing don't only involve the athlete's physical conditioning, but just as importantly his mental strength. The ability to stay focused and have a positive mindset is critical to "going the distance". During the hour, ways to develop a tool set to tackle the mental "demons and dragons" of endurance training and racing will be provided. Mental focus and thought control are as important as physical endurance and intensity control -- they are inseparable Several references for follow-on use, along with useful attachments and the PowerPoint, will be provided. For registration, cost and details, click HERE. Disregard the date and time listed when you register; the link is set to expire the end of 2017. After registration, the audio, Power Point and other materials will be made available. If you have problems or questions, please contact me at rbyard@satx.rr.com

"A Three Part Long Course Training and Racing Plan to Success” has beem recorded and is available HERE.

"Building an Annual Training Plan – Putting the Puzzle Together" has beem recorded and is available HERE.

A Seasonal Periodization Plan as a Training and Racing Tool has beem recorded and is available HERE.

"Seasonal Goal Setting and Triathlon Race Selection" has beem recorded and is available HERE.

"TRIATHLON 101.2 – FIRST-TIMER OR VETERAN? THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW OR FORGOT" has beem recorded and is available HERE.

This is a list of upcoming webinars or topics for individual or group presentations. Keep checking the homepage or this link for dates, specific content and fees.

- Mid-Season Triathlon Season Reflection and Redirection

- The Older Athletes – How Should They Train Differently and Why?

- Avoiding Multisport Overtraining & Injuries and How to Recover

- Part 1 of 2 – The “Off”-Season is NOT the “Stop”-Season; What to Do

- Part 2 of 2 – Call it Post- or Pre-Season, The Goal  for 2017 is…