Thanks for logging on. My philosophy for developing this website was the same that I try to reflect in my coaching: educate, encourage and entertain. My hope is to make this site "sticky", meaning to get folks interested in coming back again and recommending it to others. Sound good? Read on!

Stuff you should know about this site:

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The site is easy on the eyes, should not waste your time, and surely contains some info that will interest you. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. So good or bad, please send an email and let me know your thoughts.











Things in Threes: Perhaps like some of you, I get some of my best ideas and think up the neatest things during my long workouts. They aren’t distracting, and help the time pass and hopefully are mentally constructive at the same time. Anyway, something that has been popping into my head is the subject of this month’s article..