Thanks for logging on. My philosophy for developing this website was the same that I try to reflect in my coaching: educate, encourage and entertain. My hope is to make this site "sticky", meaning to get folks interested in coming back again and recommending it to others. Sound good? Read on!

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The site is easy on the eyes, should not waste your time, and surely contains some info that will interest you. Suggestions for improvement are always welcome. So good or bad, please send an email and let me know your thoughts.


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How Can You Have a More Satisfying, Successful Training and Racing Season? HERE’S HOW!!!

On Saturday 28 April, from 2p-4p, I’ll give you some important guidelines, hints and ideas on “Building an Annual Training Plan (ATP) – Putting the Puzzle Together”. Come hear my presentation at Britton’s Bike Shop on Blanco and Loop 1604. The hour will be spent giving you the benefit of my developing ATPs for 20 years and the importance of making each one tailored to your needs and abilities, no “cookie-cutter” plans. I’ll answer all your questions as I cover the specific contents of a well=thought out plan; some key handouts will be provided.Don’t miss this session if you want some help in constructing an ATP designed specifically for YOU. The presentation is FREE; you just have to BYOC - Bring Your Own Chair. :)



10 Audio/Visual Presentations Available FREE

The sessions are about an hour long -- chock full of concise, usable information to help make you train smarter and improve performance. They aren’t “Hollywood quality” productions, but certainly contain facts and hints that will make 2018 training and racing more successful.Check out the topics on the Events link (click here)


NEW LINE OF CLOTHING AVAILAIBLE I’ve update the design of my tri gear and added some other gear. The new “stuff” is by Epix Performance Apparel and is exceptional quality, eye-catching design and very comfortable. Check out the new gear and some other items at (CLICK HERE)                                         ‘